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A Beacon of Hope for Our Community

Providing Compassionate Healthcare for Over a Decade

For over a decade, CMS has been more than just a healthcare institution; it’s been a beacon of hope and compassion for those facing adversity. Since our establishment in 2008, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing free primary care services to low-income families and individuals in need.

Our team, consisting of 10 dedicated doctors, 3 nurse practioners, 12 registered nurses, and a passionate support staff, embodies the commitment to excellence that drives us forward. Together, we strive to offer not only traditional medical care but also dental services, mental health support, and alternative treatments like Eastern medicine and acupuncture, addressing the holistic healthcare needs of our community.

What sets CMS apart is our unwavering dedication to inclusivity and cultural competency. We proudly serve low-income, uninsured individuals, regardless of immigration status, ensuring that healthcare services are accessible and approachable to all members of our diverse community.

At the core of our mission is the desire to promote the health of medically underserved people through free, culturally competent, patient-centered, and high-quality healthcare services. This mission has guided us throughout our history and continues to drive us forward as we expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our community.

We’re thrilled to announce the recent expansion of our services to include dental care, starting on May 21, 2023. This expansion underscores our commitment to comprehensive healthcare and allows us to further address the healthcare needs of our community.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. We’re proud to introduce “SoulCare: Empowering Mental Wellness,” a new program designed to provide comprehensive mental health support to Korean immigrants and enhance mental well-being within our community. This initiative reflects our commitment to addressing the diverse needs of our community and fostering a sense of belonging for all.

As we celebrate our journey, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our community for their support and trust in us. We’re honored to serve you, and we look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community for years to come. Thank you for being a part of the CMS family.

Our Devoted Providers and Staff

Federal Way Clinic

  • Ganathi Prashanthi, MD
  • Aileen Kim, MD
  • Yeilim Cho, MD
  • Younghoon Kwon, MD
  • Dosoon Soh, ARNP
  • Maddy Wiley, ARNP
  • Rosa Hyunsook Choi, RN
  • Mun K. Vega, RN
  • Bo Kyoung Kim, RN
  • Quan Lou, RN
  • Duck Jin You, MSW
  • Christian Kim
  • Sang-mi Kim
  • Amy Young
  • Taik Lee

Board Members

  • M. Mia Lee, MD, Medical Director
  • Christian Kim, Chairman
  • Rosa Hyunsook Choi, RN
  • Mi Hyeon Kim, RN, MN
  • Taik Lee

Lynnwood Clinic

  • M. Mia Lee, MD
  • Kyle Oh, MD
  • Kevin Lee, DDS
  • Hyun Park, DDS
  • Charles Kim, DDS
  • Young Kim, DDS
  • Sainabou Wadda, DNP
  • Sujin Rhi, EAMP PsyA
  • Jay Cho, EAMP
  • Mi Hyeon Kim, RN, MN
  • Keum-na Yoon, RN
  • Alex Ki-jung Kim, RN
  • Eunjoo Song, RN
  • Jiyoung Choi, RN
  • Rafaela Min, RN
  • Haebaragi Kim, RN
  • Jay S. Cho, MSW
  • Sookhee Ra
  • Dave Young
  • Brandon Yoon
  • Crystal Kim
  • Rachel Shin
  • Minjae Kim
  • Angela Lee
Dr. M. Mia Lee
Dr. Aileen Kim
Dr. Kyle Oh
Dr. Kevin Lee
Dr.. Yeilim Cho
Sujin Rhi, EAMP PsyA
Jay Cho, EAMP
Rosa Hyunsook Choi, RN
Mi Hyeon Kim, RN, MN
Sang-mi Kim
Amy Young
Dave Young
Christian Kim
Taik Lee
Haebaragi Kim, RN
Sainabow Wadda, DNP
Angela Lee
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