Board Meeting Minutes and Opinion

Meeting Note 3/5/2024

2024-03-07 13:07

CMS Board Meeting
Time: 3/5/24 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm via Zoom
Attendees: Christian Kim, Mia Myungja Lee, Taik Lee, Rosa Hyunsook

Meeting Notes


1. Grant

Mia Myungja, Director: Verdant Grant: 70% of the grant is supposed to be used in dentistry. If the other 30% goes to the employee, how should we use it?

Mia: What about raising Angela's salary by about 10%? Her new salary would be $27.5/hour and her working hours are 20 hours per week.

Christian, the Chairman said that the source of income is a question of whether a certain amount is possible, and it depends on whether the grant will continue to come in or not.

Taik Lee suggested that if they can afford it, they should change the CMS Front sign first.

Hyunsook Choi suggested that they need pulse oximetry in the south. If they can buy pieces of equipment, it would be good for both the south and north clinics.

Mia said that Angela is trying to get more grants.

Mi Hyeon Kim suggested that it would be good to increase Taik Lee's salary, but Taik Lee declined.

Result: The majority of the board members voted and agreed to raise Angela's salary.

Mia suggested that we should see what the dentist has in mind for using the grant for hygienist hire.

Hyunsook said that there are a lot of dentists, and it is not necessary to make a separate hygienist hire. She hopes it goes well so that there is no shortage of dental volunteers.

Mi Hyeon suggested that for the Dental clinic, the idea of hiring students to pay small amounts.

Christian said that he hopes the south clinic will also have a dental clinic set up. He hopes teeth cleaning services take place to make preventative treatments.

Mia informed the group that the teeth cleaning service was difficult because there were many patients before. But now they decided to do the teeth cleaning service because there were many dentists, and they had enough time.

Christian suggested that we should have a course or lectures from CMS clinic on common sense in health, such as taking vitamins, nutrition, etc.

2. Finance Report:

Mia informed the group that Angela is still working on the finance report. She will prepare it before the tax report by the end of April and send it to board members by email.

3. Volunteer:

The group discussed the shortage of nurses in the South. So, we will move  North clinic volunteer pool to South clinic.

Director, Mia Lee informed the group that a retired doctor from the north would be available to volunteer from April, and his specialty is Rehabilitation Medicine.

4. Fundraising:

Mia suggested CMS needs a CMS fundraising event this year and hope we can have a concert. The group decided to think about more ideas.

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