Dr. Byeon Retires after 15 Years of Service at Cornerstone

Dr. Jai Jun Byeon retired from his volunteer work as a doctor at Cornerstone Medical Services as of March 1st, 2023. Dr. Byeon has announced his retirement from the Cornerstone after 15 years of service. He has been a crucial part of the Cornerstone’s mission, and his departure will undoubtedly be felt by both his colleagues and the patients he has served.

The Cornerstone’s Medical Director Dr. Lee and board members expressed their gratitude towards Dr. Byeon for his commitment and dedication to the organization’s mission. They stated that Dr. Byeon would be missed and that his departure would leave a significant gap in the organization. During his retirement celebration on March 4, the board members of Cornerstone awarded Dr. Byeon an appreciation plaque for his years of dedicated service.

During the retirement celebration, Dr. Byeon reiterated his belief, which he had emphasized throughout his career, that healthcare should be adapted to the culture and needs of each patient to provide the best possible outcomes and the importance of culturally competent care in a multiethnic society.

Dr. Byeon’s retirement marks the end of an era at Cornerstone Medical Services. His legacy will undoubtedly live on through the patients he has touched, and his colleagues will continue to carry on the mission of providing quality healthcare services to those in need, following his example of culturally competent care.